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  • Creating surveys has never been this easy. Your most complex questionnaires are now just a few mouse clicks away.
  • Data collection across multiple channels
    using our state of the art data collection
  • A collaboration platform for Market Research. Optimize your workflow by enabling all your Elements products to communicate with each other.
  • Empower your workforce. Dynamic, real-time online reports and automated alerting systems that can mobilize your teams.
  • Analyze your data off-line
    Coming Soon...
  • Intromit intelligently populates your presentation since it understands your analysis and what you are trying to report.

Welcome to RebusCode

We make productivity software that empowers market research. We then go the extra mile and support our software with dedicated managed services that allows you to incorporate our applications with your existing workflow almost immediately.

Take a look around this site, watch some demos, download trial versions and get a real feel of our cutting edge applications.

Your ideas, our powerful tools and services – research has never had it so good.

Using a combination of desktop and internet based applications – the Elements research suite seamlessly integrates with YOUR project workflow. Starting from survey design to delivering end client reports, Elements can improve your productivity by orders of magnitude.

Our flagship product line has been built from the ground up with a singular focus on ease of use. You do not need an advanced degree in computer science to deliver the most complex of projects.

Custom Software

Apart from the standard services we also build tailor made software for your ad hoc marketing and market research requirements.

Success Stories